essential oils

essential oils

I already let you in a little bit on my so-called hippie mama ways when I talked about how I use crystals to help curb my anxiety and ground me back into my body when my mind begins swirling. It is now time to let you in on a little more insight into my holistic mind.

I am totally that #basic lady who loves essential oils. I know, I know, but it is true. I love them and use them daily.

I originally got drawn to them back in 2015 when I was researching natural and holistic ways to keep my house clean. Over the past 4 years, I have done a major holistic overhaul on products I either put on my body, in my body, use to clean my house, and use to treat basic cuts and scrapes for my kids.

There is SO much in our environment these days that we have no control over, or even know is harming us, that the little bit of control I have; i.e. with my wallet; I want to make a conscious effort to always be holistic.

I signed up with Young Living back in 2015, picked out a cool looking starter kit, and happily awaited its arrival. Since then, those 10 5ml bottles of oils have turned into over 100 5-15ml bottles that I use daily.


In the beginning, I primarily used them for an alternative to candles around the house. For me personally, nothing gives me a mood boost, like a good citrus blend in a diffuser first thing in the morning. My son and I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies/asthma, and though I love a gorgeous smelling candle, they usually set one of us off into a cough or wheezing fit.

Diffusing lead to topical use, in the form of mixing my own blends and putting them into roller bottles to take on the go. Not only did they give me a travel side mood boost, but they gave me a sense of well being in a confusing world of hard to pronounce ingredients on the backs of products. Roller bottles are so fun and easy to make too, that I usually make custom rollers for friends for the holidays or whenever they reach out for a little boost themselves.

Topical use lead to ingestion. Sounds weird, but once you add a little fresh lemon oil to your iced tea or hot water in the am, you will know what I mean.

Needless to say, I love them.

I continuously search for new recipes and blends to add to my collection and still make monthly orders to replenish my collection and purchase my holistic household items. My goal here is to share recipes and usages that are in the current landscape of my life. I will never actively try to sell you things, that is why I never got into selling the oils in the first place, but since I am a wholesale member, I will be using my affiliate links and let you know my member numbers, in case you ever want to purchase anything.

Plus, not sure how popular this is in the world of hardcore essential oil sellers, I am a wholesale member to both Young Living and doTERRA. I purchased a small starter kit from both companies, because I like being able to get 25-35% off my purchases from both companies. Plus, since I use them so much, when I make my monthly purchases, I get points and discounts from both.

Each company, so far as I can see, has quality FDA approved oils. I like the variety that each company has in their proprietary blends; unique to them blends. If you ever want to sign up to become a wholesale member yourself, get in on my monthly order at a discounted rate without becoming a member, or just have a question I haven’t addressed here, please feel free to contact me. I love talking about them so never hesitate to touch base…that’s enough for now, let’s get into some fun diffuser recipes I have come up with that I am loving right now.

3 drops Rosemary 3 drops Eucalyptus 3 drops Grapefruit.png

One last thing before you go, sign up for exclusive blends and recipes to be sent right to your mailbox. My eventual goal is to do a monthly newsletter with newsletter exclusive posts and recipes. I promise not to spam you, just thought it would be fun to incorporate some more “private” type of posts to the rotation. See details below.

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