good intentions

good intentions

I believe you can't start any new creative endeavor without setting an intention or having a goal in mind. That is true with this personal blog, with any reach for personal growth and with any project people set out to do.

The problem with me and goals, personal goals that is, I am terrible, nah, disastrous at them! Consistency is one of my many weaknesses and where I want to improve the most. 

Consistency in creative projects, my health and fitness goals, my community goals, the list goes on and on.

So in a glorious effort to start off on the right foot with this new creative space I have thought about what my goals are here in my little corner of the internet and set that intention right away.

  • Write with honesty and authenticity. Always. Even when it's difficult and especially when it's difficult.

  • Write for myself not for others. This space is for me. It’s a fun creative outlet that I want to use to enrich my life and use it to look back on and say, “Damn, that was a pretty good year.

  • Work writer collaborations into this space. I have learned I thrive when surrounded by people I respect, learn from and who lift me up. I would love for this to become a creative space for other storytellers. I believe everyone has a story to tell, no matter how small.

  • Push my creative limits by posting on topics I didn't 'think' would fit before. Creative posts on DIY, crafts, cooking, baking, fitness, humor, etc. I was too in my head before and felt like certain "topics" were off-limits. When in fact, everything is up for grabs because I am more than just a mom and when you are writing for yourself, it honestly doesn’t matter what you gab on about.

  • Lastly, be kind to myself. Don't be so hard on myself when I slip up from a goal or intention, both here and in real-life. I have a lot going on in my life, and this space needs to remain a positive oasis. My good friend Stephanie would always poke at me when I would tail-spin into thoughts of "How will I get THERE from HERE? // How can this EVER work?" She would sit, listen and kindly say over and over again "Baby Steps. Baby Steps, Sue." I hear you everyday Steph, everyday...

So the intention is set. Here we go...

Good Intentions by The Chainsmokers

a glimpse of barrett

a glimpse of barrett