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Emily Loper

Web + graphic Design

Emily Loper is a web and graphic designer living in San Jose, CA. From her beautiful aesthetic and her design success in founding Little Powers House, to being a Netflix power house, a caring wife, and a devoted dog mama to two adorable pups… Emily wears many hats and wears them well.

Her eye for design makes her the go-to person for home decor inspiration, web-based creativity, and gorgeous paper products for your next event. Her modern yet timeless style can be found in every project she works on, and she puts her heart and soul into each and every one.

In her words, her “time between designs is best spent dancing around the kitchen while her husband cooks, playing nice with the pen tool, and scouting her next big adventure. She is a fan of dingy little antique shops, snail mail, and Stumptown coffee. She believes wholeheartedly in the phrase, "Always be growing."

I am so grateful to have Emily help keep this space, fresh, current, and beautiful to look at.